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Some exciting news about LASR. We will soon be offering, in addition to the fantastic author interviews and wonderful contests, short stories for your reading pleasure. So, if you are a reader, make sure you join us at The Long and the Short of It for a new short story every week.

And.. if you are an author... you can check out how YOUR romantic short story might have a chance at being our weekly short story. Just email us at As soon as I have the link to our guidelines, I will post them.
And now.. because I'm headachy... here is the daily quiz stolen borrowed from Marianne.

What is you element? (Girls only\ with pics)

You are the water element!You are a pretty smart person that can solve things quite easily. You're interested in everything, it's almost like everything has something significant about it that just take your breath away. You're very relaxed and patient, you have an amazing vivid imagination that could help you go places. You're a very open minded person! You like to see things any which way you can. You try to stay out of trouble but then again trouble is everywhere, no way of avoiding it. You have severeal goals for the future and making decisions can sometimes be very hard for you. Your friends come to you when they need help because you are very understanding.Strongest during: sunset/sunrise Your power cores: the ocean
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