August Happiness Challenge - Day Two

I know it's late, but technically it's still day two... at least for another two and a half hours. And, that's a long time. Just ask my friend Marianne. We were supposed to be working, but ended up chatting about all kinds of things (Silly Songs with Larry, from VeggieTales being one example) for TWO AND A HALF HOURS! Can you believe it? (Oh.. M... the song I was thinking of is "The Song of the Cebu"... NOT "The Water Buffalo"... you were right, in that I was wrong.)

Since we were talking about Silly Songs from Larry, if you are familiar with the talented Veggies... guess which one is my favorite. (Marianne, you aren't allowed to guess.) This song makes me..... what's the key word for this month????.... HAPPY! If you guess the right song, I have a special prize for you. :-)

Actually, music makes me happy. Sometimes I'm in the mood for silly songs (today was a silly day, as you might could have guessed), other times I'm in the mood for something more soothing. So, while you are trying to figure out my favorite VeggieTales song...btw, you can find all the songs here... let me leave you with this video to enjoy. I hope it brings you happiness.


Renee said…
I'm gonna guess that you love "I LOVE MY LIPS!" because who doesn't? ;)

But I think I like "Do the Moo Shoo!" the best.

We have the Ultimate Silly Song Countdown and are HUGE fans!
Marianne Arkins said…
I didn't THINK it was the Water Buffalo Song.

And... *shoves toe into the carpet*... I wanna prize. Why can't I have a prize?

Wait! I have a prize! You. As my friend.

CDPJ said…
I have always loved music but I love it even more these days seeing how happy it makes The Boy. You should see him sing and dance... a regular Gene Kelley, that one! :-)

Have a Happy Day!
That video does make me happy, and it makes my daughter REALLY happy. She's made me play it three times in a row so far. Who is that?