August Happiness Challenge- Day Six

This makes me happy:

You are 90% Smarter than a fifth grader.

You are smarter than a fifth grader. no doubt. There is no need for you to retake school. Keep on doing your brain excersise like sudokus and crossword puzzles, and you'll soon be smarter than a sixth grader! Good work!

are you smarter than a fifth grader?
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I scored the same as Marianne. I wonder what question I missed? I think I know.. I have to do some research to be sure. (BTW, if I had scored LOWER than Marianne, this portion of the post would have never seen the light of day.... just sayin', in an effort to keep this blog honest.

Our new venture (which REALLY makes me happy, but that is happy news for another day) is coming along. So... keep tuned in so you can find out (one day) our surprise! It won't be long.. I promise.

Believe it or not... today has been declared National Fresh Breath Day. Yeah, I know... I couldn't believe it either? Do you suppose I should buy stock in breath mints today?

You don't want to be the only one not celebrating this special day. So, from the founder of this day, here are some tips for you:(my comments are in italics

1. Brush your teeth, cheeks and gums with a chlorine dioxide toothpaste. cheeks? uhhhhhh....
2. Comb your tongue. I actually brush mine... you reckon that counts?
3. Use a hydromagnetic irrigator.
4. Wash your mouth with a stabilized chlorine rinse.
5. Sip room temperature water or mint lemon water.
6. Avoid alcoholic or caffeinated drinks as they dry your mouth. Trust me... you do NOT want me to avoid my coffee... it would not be a pleasant sight.
7. Use a mouth moisturizer or a saliva stimulant to keep your mouth moist.
8. Eat fresh breath herbs like parsley, dill, basil or peppermint.
9. Place a mint pouch in your mouth - it's good for 3 hours of minty breath. Ignore the fact that you might look like you are chawin' a wad of tobacco
10. Read "Breathless ..." for more detailed fresh breath advice.I actually found a link to the pamphlet she's talking about here... it was broken, so I didn't include it.

In honor of this special day, I bring you this very important message on the dangers of halitosis and what could conceivably happen should you ignore today.(Warning: it's long, but imho, well worth the time... you've GOT to see the end)


Marianne Arkins said…
Why does your post say it was done at 10:19 a.m.? Where exactly do you live again...? LOL...

I think I missed the last question on the test. The rest were easy-peasy.
Uisce said…
90% too. I was pretty sure I was wrong about the ostrich, but ya gotta go with your gut. Or maybe this is proof that you should think twice and then go with the answer you know is right. Toss up for me, I guess.
Tori Lennox said…
I missed the impeachment question. I was thrilled that was the only one I missed. :)
CDPJ said…
I got the same score. Not sure which question I missed though :-)
Teena said…
I only got 50%! Ha! But the questions are very US-based. That's my excuse :)
Lianne said…
I'm too chicken to take the test. I might not be smarter than a 5th grader! But...I will be brushing my teeth AND flossing after that video. lol.
Maria said…
I am so totally out of the loop of good toothbrushers.

It would never ever occur to me to use water that is room temp or mint lemon water.

I am barely comatose when I brush my teeth. I am either just waking up and can barely see straight or I am so tired that I am lucky to get the brush properly into my mouth... I do not believe that I have ever brushed my cheeks. Ever. Even when I had a hot date....
kailani said…
I'm afraid to take that test. I know I'm not smarter than a fifth grader. Heck, I'm not even smarter than my 5 year old! LOL!