I Would Like to Thank the Academy

Or, at least Kailani of An Island Life. She is sponsoring a most awesome contest: The Bloggy Hoss Election. And, thanks to unnamed and unknown persons in the blogosphere, I was nominated under the category "Brainiest." Yeah, I know... I'm shaking my head too! You can go here to see the proof, though!

Voting for the Bloggy Hoss Award will start tomorrow, July 7, and will continue until Tuesday, July 10. Am I shamefully going to pimp my blog and say please vote for me? You bet your bippy I am (and how many of you remember where THAT classic is from?) Not only am I going to ask you to vote for me, I'm going to ask you to ask your readers to come vote for me! I'm nothing if not shameless. Just ask my friend, Marianne, who has shared with the whole world that I chat while I'm naked under my pajamas!

Seriously, folks, I am deeply honored to be in such distinguished company and am humbled by the thought that people thought enough of my blog to nominate me. Thank you all... whoever you are.

Now... don't forget... voting starts tomorrow! :-)


Unknown said…
Congrats, Oh Brainy one! :) Am I still worthy to be in the same blogosphere as you, Your Braininess? I am humbly honored. **G**
Anonymous said…
I think you should have been nominated for Class Clown! LOL!
Margaret said…
I will make sure to stop over there tomorrow and vote for you.

For sure you are the brainiest but you also fall into many of the other catagories too. You're great.
Mary said…
Congratulations! I'm definitely voting for ya :D
Karen said…
Oh yeah? Oh yeah? Well, I also think you should encourage...no DEMAND...that your readers and your reader's readers go vote for PEDIASCRIBE for Class Clown!! :)

Ok, I've just taken shameless plug to a whole new level! :)

Stumbling you.
Susan said…
Hi - I was nominated for the same category. I was not familiar with your blog and came to check it out.
Renee Nefe said…
Congrats! I noticed that this morning. Wondering where my nomination went? Perhaps the academy lost my votes? he he

good luck on winning.
robwitham said…
Michele sent me--and I'm getting ready to cast a vote. :)
willowtree said…
I'm the same as you, I've got no idea who nominated me, nor why they chose Brainiest as the category, it's not something that my blog has ever tried to be. But hey what the hell, I'll vote for ya.

Unless the the other person in the category besides us does some campaigning you should win, as I only know of one of my readers who reads Island Life, and the only mention of being nominated on my blog is where Kailani told me.