Tuesday Musings

I woke up early this morning and was reading this article about a time capsule that was found over Memorial Day. It made me think... if I were to plant a time capsule, what would I include?

First, I would want to include a letter... telling who I was and the meaning behind what I left.

Second, I would probably put the headline from the day's paper.

Other than that... I'm blank. What to include to show future generations what life was like in 2007? A cell phone, maybe... I have a few of them lying around that are not used any more. A computer disk. Heck, if the box is big enough I have an old computer or two I could put in! Maybe a popular DVD from this year.

Any other suggestions? What would you put in a time capsule for the future?


Marianne Arkins said…
I answered this at the bottom of today's blog post!
kenju said…
Good question. I'd add a book or two, published this year, and perhaps photos of the President and ither notable people. Michele sent me.
mrc1471 said…
definately a newpaper clipping, picture of Bush, a Starbucks cup, photos of todays vehicles, gas receipt, and probably sometype of fashion magazine.
Renee said…
I don't know.
New York Times (so they'd know what was in the news), People magazine (so they'd know the gossip), National Enquirer (so they'd be entertained), Parenting magazine (so they could laugh at all the "advice" that has totally been disputed, changed, and turned on its head. Babies should sleep on their back! NO, their front! No, their side! No, their head...)
kailani said…
If I could spare one, I'd put an ipod in there. It's cutting edge right now but who knows what they'll have in the future?