Need a Reservation?

I mentioned we might get the chance to go to Raleigh in August. I was checking out some hotel reservation sites to see what kind of deals I could come up with. I found this site and couldn't believe the deals they had. Bo b and I really like staying in Hampton Inns. We've always found them clean, comfortable, secure, and… even though the prices are sometimes on the high side… we've discovered over time that in many things you truly DO get what you pay for. So, I was thrilled to find out I could get a room in the Hampton Inn close to where our daughter lives for under $70/night. I don't think we've ever gotten such a good deal at a Hampton before.

Hotel Reservations doesn't limit themselves to JUST hotel reservations, though. You can also book flights, rent cars, book vacation packages. It's an all-in-one service. And, it's easy to use. Just for fun, I checked out flying into Raleigh, renting a car for our stay there, then driving to the Outer Banks, staying there a few days and flying home. I don't think we'll be choosing that option. It was a bit pricier than we would be wanting to pay.
We MIGHT fly, though. I just checked and, round-trip, we can make the flight for just over $300. I'm not sure we could drive it for that, with the price of gas! Of course, that would leave us without a way to go while we're there, so there is that to consider. It's 510 miles and, at around $3/gallon for gas, that can really add up! Bob and I will talk about it, but truth be known, we'll probably drive because we enjoy our road trips. It's not unusual for us to take side trips, just because we can!

It is nice, though, having options. And, it's super finding a new site to be able to figure out some of the best ways to go. If you are planning a trip or need to place to stay, check this site out and see what you can discover. I'm a firm believer in shopping around and the Internet makes it too easy NOT to compare prices.

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Anonymous said…
What did we do before computers?
Renee Nefe said…
We like Hampton Inns too. Back in the 90's we used to take our dog with us to CO from TX and stay at a Hampton that allowed our dog. She really liked their rooms as there was a perfect spot for her to sleep under the table for your suitcase.
We're staying at a Hampton when we go for the wedding too. Nice places.
Thanks for the tip on finding the rooms.
Mary said…
Oh, thanks for the info Judy! We are thinking about going to the Wisconsin dells but I have heard that it can be expensive... so I hope I can find a good deal.

I hope you have a wonderful time visiting your daughter, I bet you're excited!
Anonymous said…
Ooh, have fun in Raleigh. My brother and sister-in-law live there and we'll be up there ourselves in Sept.

We're also going to the Outer Banks in Sept. can't wait!