How Can I Afford All Those Prizes?

I've been asked how and why I offer reasonably large prizes on my contests. Normally, I offer the book of choice up to a $20 value. I may start giving out $20 Amazon gift certificates as well. Which would you like?

Anyway, some of you may have noticed that the tag on some of my posts reads PPP. Those are posts that I am being paid to post. That doesn't make them any more sincere, it's just giving me a way to offset some of the Amazon prizes I offer through my contests.

There are a lot of benefits to Pay Per Post. You aren't tied down to writing a certain number of posts… and you only write about things that already interest you. I've not been a member long, less than two months, and have already made over $40. That's prizes for two contests! And, we all love contests.

Thanks to Pay Per Post… we can enjoy many more contests and my husband's wallet won't go completely flat! What do the rest of you think about ads on blogs?


Renee said…
I don't mind ads or pay for posts on blogs. I would do it myself too if I had more time. I mean we could all use some more cash...right? I currently do surveys for I don't know how many companies...trying to get a buck or two. The best I've done was when I first joined Greenfield I won a $250 prize...since then I've only gotten a buck or two here & there.
I think it's really sweet that you turn around and offer your money for prizes. I am pretty sure that all the other blogs that do contests do the same thing.
kailani said…
I used to do PPP and don't think there's anything wrong with it. I made some great extra money with it. I had to stop, though, because it conflicts with my BlogHer Ads. Good luck with PPP!
Allie Boniface said…
Never really thought about doing it, though I guess a lot of people do. It makes sense, as long as it doesn't interfere with/drive people away from your otherwise charming and witty posts :)