A Way to Help

A new blogging friend, Kat, is doing her part in supporting our troops. This drive (Operation: Thanks for Freedom 2007) is especially close to my heart. As you know, my son is stationed in Iraq right now. Kat's goal is to send 5000+ cards for the Fourth of July. Please, read her post and support this effort. If anybody has a group looking for a service project, consider this. Here is a news report on this worthy cause.

Thank you.


Kat said…
THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your son and your whole family are in our prayers. (hugs)
Heart of Rachel said…
I will check out this site Judy. Thanks.
Mary Paddock said…
I will keep you and your son in my prayers, Judy. What a huge sacrifice you are all making for our country.
DCchick said…
Prayers for your son and family.

The cards is a great idea.
Insomniac said…
your son is in Iraq?
I know how the desert feels like! I will definitely pray for him and I hope he stays away from trouble, because there is nothing more fierce than an arab in blind rage.
may he return home safely.
Jill said…
Hi... I put a post about this on my site today!
Ancient Clown said…

Though this post upsets me, your son is in my prayers as well. As I deplore liars that are truly war-mongers, like the United States Government, I pray that he throws down his weapon, stops murdering children and learns to fight like a man. (I notice your leaders children aren't fighting beside him, nor really are any of the wealthy families children...mostly those of the poor, lower and middle classes...I wonder what that means?)
I also went to the recommended site, as I hope you will visit this one that's for
Support the Child Soldier Prevention Act of 2007.
Of 10 governments worldwide implicated in the recruitment or use of children as soldiers, nine receive US military assistance.(I wonder what that means?)
As a mother, I would think you find this deplorable, having your son USED and murdered by liars for self-serving purposes that FACTUALLY have NOTHING to do with your FREEDOM, which you don't even have in the U.S. unless you are white and wealthy.(It's time to stop lying about that as well).
As a man of GOD, I would warn your son, lest he be grouped with those he follows at the time of the coming Harvest.
As Jesus said; "Only the wise shall love you for rebuking them...fools shall despise you for it."
I leave it with you and your readers as to which you ALL shall be...by your actions.
your humble servant,
ancient clown

p.s. I invite you to visit and SEE for your'Self' how FREE people are in the 'FREE WORLD'.
cathy said…
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