A Contest and a Review

... not necessarily in that order. First, the review:

I was sent a copy of Mia King's Good Things and it's been a long time since I enjoyed a book this much. It is just a fun read.

Deidre McIntosh isn't your "normal" romance heroine. She's (gasp) in her forties, single, and the star of her own TV show. She's perfectly happy living with her best friend from college, the one man she knows will always be ther for her, and figures life will go on this way for a long time. However, life throws her a curve when she loses her job and her roomie finds a boyfriend and decides to move out, all at the same time. You have to read Good Things to see how Deidre figures out what's important and how she overcomes what seem to be overwhelming problems.

And... one way you can get a chance to read your own autographed copy of Good Things, is by going here AND here and leaving a comment on both posts. Mia will randomly draw a name from those who FOLLOW THE RULES and post on both sites. Not only will she send you an autographed copy of Good Things, she will also give you a personalized 25-35 page full-year astrology report (via PDF) based on Robert Camp’s Destiny cards (to learn more, click here), a $25 value. And... you know what else is super-cool? She's doing this for not one, but TWO lucky people... so you and I can BOTH win! I like it, I like it.

So... go and comment and tell her I sent you.


Marianne Arkins said…
Hey Juday,

On Tuesday, you volunteered to be Randomized by me... well -- the questions are up! Go take a look at them here! Thanks for playing :-)
Mia King said…
Judy, thanks for the lovely post and for mentioning the contest! I love the energy it's been receiving and appreciate the good karma coming from your blog!

And, of course, I love that you love the book ... :-)