3WW (again on Thursday)

... do you note a theme with this???

Welcome to another installment from Bone.

Welcome to Three Word Wednesday. Each week, I will post three (or more) random words. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write something using all of those words. It can be a few lines, a story, a poem, anything. I'll also attempt to write something using the same three words.

Leave a comment if you participate. Many fun and interesting people might visit your blog.

This week's words are:

Fiona rushed through the hospital door. Linda Sue, her arms wrapped tightly around herself, paced up and down the small waiting room. Traces of tears showed on her cheeks. Tears which welled up again when she saw Fiona.

Fiona wrapped her friend in her arms. "Bucky just told me Tommy had been rushed to the hospital.He didn't know what was going on though. Was there an accident?"

Linda Sue squeezed Fiona so hard she nearly couldn't breathe. Through sobs she told Fiona they were suspecting a stroke.

"I've told him and told him he needed to get to the doctor," she said, almost angrily, as she pushed away from Fiona. "He… he always said there wasn't anything wrong. He would go after tax season was over, or after summer vacation, or …" She sniffed and swiped the back of her hand under her nose. "The big stubborn galoot."

Fiona opened her mouth to respond, but the doctor came in and interrupted them. "Mrs. Griffin?"

Linda Sue turned towards him. "Is he alright?"

"Let me assure you, we are doing everything we possibly can. I want to make sure I understand the conditions when you found him. He was in the yard?"

"Oh for heaven's sake! I told the EMT all of this. I called him for breakfast. He'd been out feeding the horses and when he didn't come in, I went out to find him. The… the pancakes were getting c-c-cold and I was so mad at him…"

Fiona put her arm around her friend's shoulder until Linda Sue got herself back in control. "He.. he was walking around… kinda stumbling around. He didn't know where he was or what had happened. I… I got scared and called the ambulance. His dad died of a stroke and I was afraid… even though his blood pressure was always good…"

"You can set your mind at ease on that count," the doctor said, his voice gentle. "He didn't have a stroke. When we ran the MRI, we found evidence of a small fracture at the back of his skull. He's had some kind of trauma."

Linda Sue looked confused. "Trauma? You mean he fell? There's... there's really nothing to fall from... that would cause a lot of damage, I mean."

"Either that or…" The doctor's face clouded and he cleared his throat. "There's a possibility that someone hit him. I didn't want to leave him alone until we found out something for sure. I've left a nurse with him… and I've called the police."


Anonymous said…
Hi Judy,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I'll be glad to meet you.

Your story is very intriguing, did she or didn't she?


DCchick said…
ooooh, a mystery.

who hit him?

Great story.
Renee Nefe said…
Fiona sure leads a busy life! Will you be using these 3WW's for the book or are you running two Fiona stories at once in your head? That would be way to busy for me!

Can't wait to read it when it's done.
zhasha said…
you always impress me with your 3WW..

miss yah judy! am back!
Bone said…
Ooo, a twist! I like it!

Thanks for participating. Oh, and I too am hoping that it's still Wednesday in an alternate universe :)
Clockworkchris said…
Very nice story. I loved the way you used the words. Sorry this is short but I have tons of work to do before I sleep, price of vacations I supose.
Judy, who did it? Don't leave us hanging. Letting food go cold is a crime according to my husband, but don't think that is where you were leading us. Guess the horse kicking him would be obvious to the doctor?
(My way of saying I liked what I read and am curious.)
Helena said…
Hi, I stopped by for your feast which was great, then I strolled down to the next entry, and I could see your writing is good,left me wanting to finish the rest of the story!! Happy FF and 3WW :>}
Anonymous said…
That was a twist! Nice Job!
TC said…
LOVED the ending :)

And yeah, do you think if enough of us just start posting on Thursday Bone will get the hint to change the day...?