Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you about MY CHICKEN ENCOUNTER?

When I lived in Brazil, I ran into things I'd never encountered before. Most of them were great: inexpensive meat, many different kinds of fruits, seafood galore. Well, one day I went to the store and bought a chicken. I took it home, turned on the filtered water to fill up my cooking pot, pulled the giblets out of the inside, and plopped them in the cooking pot. I began washing the chicken and getting off the tiny pinfeathers. I could tell the pot was about filled with water, so I turned off the water and picked up the pot to move it to the stove. There... floating in the water and looking at me... was a chicken head! Yes, my friends, not only do you get giblets when you buy a whole chicken in Brazil.. you get the feet and head as well.

I have to admit it. I screamed. I tossed the pot. Everything went on the floor and everyone came running to see what had happened. And... me? I only bought chicken already cut up after that.

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Renee said…
Wow! you were brave. We only bought our food from the Commissary when we were in Korea...or bought it already cooked.
Tori Lennox said…
Oh my gosh! I'd have totally freaked out!
Uisce said…
LOL chickens. We had two die last night -- under mysterious circumstances -- and I had to carry them off into the woods, head and feet and all!

But in a pot? I don't think I could handle that.