Happy April Fools' Day

And, the joke's on me. I normally do pretty good at trivia quizzes (a whole lot of useless information running around in this blonde brain of mine), but I didn't do so hot on this quiz. My score was 125, and even with that I am in 21st place. Take the quiz and let me know what YOUR score is. The person who comments with the highest score will win a free book from my library. No cheating... don't Google the answers.

Some ways to celebrate April Fools' Day, historically, have been to send people on "fool's errands," such as sending a child to the store to buy "elbow grease," or sending a new employee to the stock room for a "shelf stretcher."

And, for your viewing enjoyment, I present some April Fools' videos:

After taking the test and leaving your score, visit this site for some more interesting facts and theories about April Fools' Day.

Also, remember that any comments to this post will also enter you into the drawing for BAFABW.


This isn't April Fools' stuff, but it's fun anyway. Check out my new look:

Also, Anna David's debut novel, Party Girl is due out June 2007. Check out this video:

And, Anna's interview on CNN Headline News/Showbiz Tonight.

Remember, Party Girl can be preordered now.


Tori Lennox said…
Holy cow! I got 501 points and currently rank 7th! I have to admit, though, I guessed on some of them. :)
Anonymous said…
...My score was 198...16th place.
Zwinktastic said…
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