Easter Reflections

Photo courtesy of Fotosearch

Easter Reflections
Helen Steiner Rice

With OUR EYES we see
The beauty of Easter
as the earth awakens once more...

With OUR EARS we hear
The birds sing sweetly
to tell us Spring again is here...

With OUR HANDS we pick
the golden daffodils
and the fragrant hyacinths...

But only with OUR HEARTS
can we feel the MIRACLE of GOD'S LOVE
which redeems all men...

And only with OUR SOUL
can we make our 'pilgrimage to God'
and inherit His Easter Gift of ETERNAL LIFE.

Happy Easter everyone.


Heart of Rachel said…
Hi Judy. Belated Happy Easter! Thank you for your Easter wishes. Sorry wasn't able to visit yesterday 'coz we were out the whole day. I was so tired when we got home and didn't have the energy to open my PC. A rare phenomenon. :)

Regarding your comment, what an intriguing dream you had. Hope it means something else 'coz it's not part of our plan yet. LoL! I'm now curious what it stands for. :)

Anyway, I have to visit more blog friends before making any new posts today.

Take care and have a lovely week ahead. God bless.
kooky kay said…
Happy Easter! I didn't get to go around yesterday since I had work ... I know it sucks but gotta deal with it ... hope Easter brings new joy and new changes all for the better.
kailani said…
What a great poem and a wonderful reminder to the true meaning of Easter.