It's Time

This is a sticky note which will stay on top until the blog party is over. Please scroll down for current posts.

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It's the time we've all been waiting on the edges of our seats for. Hmmm... I ended that sentence with a preposition. Oh, well....

Go dig in your closet, pull out your party shoes, gather up all your bling and head over to Janice and Susan's for the party of the year. A fun time will be had be all and I'm so excited to be able to be a part of it.

Have a few pickled shrimp, grab a glass of the beverage of choice, and let me introduce myself.

My name is Judy and I'm fortunate enough to live in south Georgia, with a get-away home in Florida on the Gulf Coast. My husband and I own our business (you can see what we do here. When we aren't busy with that, I'm a writer. One of my bestest writing friends, Marianne, says that I should be a writer first! I'm currently working on a contemporary romance mystery.

I enjoy the blogosphere and am always looking for new people to hang out with. I'm glad you've dropped by my little piece of the world during this party time. Leave a comment letting me know you were here... I'd love to drop by and say hello.

You can see more about me in the sidebar to the left :-)

I'm really looking forward to this week of partying. Post about the party on your own site and leave your link over at Janice and Susan's. There are some really great prizes available for all the party goers. (Including a jar of honey pear preserves I made from our own pears. There's no white sugar at all in them...and, boy, are they yummy!)

Now... we just got a phone call that we have to meet a customer...sigh. Life does intrude on our fun, doesn't it? When I get back, I'm going to change into my party clothes and start visiting. I can't wait....:-)

Have a great party!!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the invitation! What a fun party!!
Sharon said…
Thanks for hosting a wonderful party! I enjoyed myself.

Marianne Arkins said…

Would you email me your recipe for the honey pears? I don't eat white sugar, so I'm very interested! My SIL has a pear tree in her yard and I always get a couple bags full.

Happy BlogParty.

And, yes... writer first. Of course

Kari said…
HI! Of course I have been reading your blog but glad to be a part of the party anyway!
Hello! Just dropping by via the blog party! Nice to "meet" you!

thanks for your compliments about my mosaic Jeans and blog!
April said…
Hi Judy! Thanks for visiting my beauty blog. Let me know if you find any natural beauty recipes you can't live without! I'd love to post them!

Have a great time at the party,
melody said…
Judy, I'm so thrilled to visit another Georgia home...yep, I'm up here in the mountains. Thanks for your great southern hospitality! BTW, I love reading historical fiction.

Thanks for partying at my place. I plan to come back and visit.
~liz said…
thanks for stopping in at my blog (happy party!). i love your gift idea - homemade, sugarfree pear honey!?! sounds delicious!!!
Barbara H. said…
Thanks for visiting me on the party circuit. :D We used to live in GA, 20 minutes or so west of Atlanta. I wish you well on your writing! Let is know when that first novel come out.
YoungMommy said…
Thnaks for the great time... Pickled shrimp was (sounds) yummy!

I am so glad you stopped by my party! You didn't play my game, though... You have to come back!!
Happy Partying!
Christine said…
Hi Judy,
How nice to have a getaway house on the Gulf! I miss the ocean,and just being a beach bum.
Thanks for stopping by, and you'd be fun to hang out with. I'll be sure to come back.
Happy Friday, and have a great weekend.
Trista said…
Thanks for stopping by! Nice to get to "know" you!!!!

We made it out the storms just fine, thank god!! :D
Laurel Wreath said…
Thanks for visiting with me!! Loved your blog!!
Karen said…
Those preserves sound delicious! What is your recipe? We try to use as little white sugar as possible in our cooking and I've got some substitutes and am always looking for new recipes.

Thanks for stopping by my place!
Amanda said…
Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog for the blog party. Sure, I'll come clean your house except that I don't have any frequent flyer points! LOL. Anyway, must move on, a visiting I'm a going.
Leslie said…
Hi Judy! It's Leslie from Duct Taped Halo stopping in to say hello.

I too am currently working on a contemporary romantic mystery.

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!
Anonymous said…
Ooooh, I just love to party! So nice to meet you. I am also a writer, have a home in Florida as well cause I am originally from there, lol. Snowy today in IL where I now live. So nice to meet you and thank you for swinging by my party, hope you'll come back.
MiPa said…
Thank you for dropping by my party earlier. I've enjoyed perusing your site. I'll be back.
sognatrice said…
Hi Judy! Just a fellow writer wandering in from Mr. Linky; wanted to say hello and that I can't wait to poke around your archives and get to know you better :)
Anonymous said…
There is a contest today over at my blog! Come enter, happy Blog Party!
Carey said…
Great party! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I would love to own a beach house when I retire as well. So you are a writer? That is so cool. Best of luck with that.
Cyndi said…
I need to figure out how to make my party post sticky too! Nice layout, btw ;)
Crystal said…
Your pear preserves sound really yummy! I wouldn't mind wining that prize myself. ;)

Thanks for stopping by my party. My first contest has been posted.

This monkey likes your your...

Tracey said…
Oooo, shrimp!! YUM! This is the first Party I've been offered shrimp at! Those honey pears sound great; they are near the top of my list! I have to figure out how to graft my parents' pear tree before they move.

Come on over to my place,, for some exploding bubbles!
Karolee said…
Great Party! Thanks for stopping by my site and inviting me over.
chronicler said…
Totally cool! I wish I lived near you. We have this stump out back....

Writer. Cool. What a great way to use your creativity! I'll be stopping by often! Thanks for inviting me to your party!
*wave* Hey Judy!

Thanks for the snacks. I'll just waddle myself home now.

Wait! Let's start a conga line. Ready? Set? Go!

Thanks for stopping by! I'll see ya around the punch bowl. *grin*
Denise W said…
Thanks for coming over to my party! I love south Georgia (and the Fl Gulf Coast) - I used to go to Tybee Island with my best buddy. That was back in the day....

Writer, huh? Can I read your stuff?
Crystal said…
Thanks for stopping by my party...yours looks very cool....I enjoyed myself.
yummy pickled pears...ahh good times..

Thank you for stopping by.

We just moved here (Germany) for the Gulf coast and hope after here we get to move back to Florida or at least near a beach for goodness sakes.
Reese said…
Hi, Judy! Nice to meet you.

Party On!

Amy Jane said…
I was trying to read your blog, but the address only brings me about three posts.

Any ideas?
Hi Judy - it's great to meet you!
Thanks for stopping by and visiting during the UBP :) I love getting to know all my new friends. I will definitely be back to read more on your blog!
Hugs, Lisa
Thanks for stopping by my blog. How funny - I also wrote a romance/fantasy for self-publishing. I'll bookmark your site to visit later too.

kimmy said…
thanks for stopping!!! we are both excited about the baby coming... kewl party....
Thanks for stopping by my party & I’m glad to join in on yours, too.

Please be sure to check out a fun Bump! Photo Tag going on tomorrow! I’ll have a linky up … hope you’d like to play along and post your favorite pregnant belly pic!

Cherrye said…
Hey there, Judy. I love love love your blog...what fun stuff. Sadly, life does intrude on our fun, and I have to go work a little, too.

Please stop by my blog whenever you can. I plan to be back here.

Happy Party!
Debs said…
I'm enjoying your party (thanks for dropping my mine :-) )
I'm afraid I'll pass down the shrimp as my stomach and seafood don't really get on, so please don't be offended! The pears, however, sound delicious :-)
Shane said…
Hey there! Thanks a bunch for stopping by my party, now I'm here for yours. I plan to look around a bit and get to know you. Take care.
Sparky Duck said…
The gulf coast was my favorite place that my parents lived after the retired, umm i think that was 3 houses ago. Pickled shrimp, yummy as always
Revka said…
Hi, Judy! Shucks! I stopped by and commented last night, but it looks like Blogger ate my comment. Thanks for stopping by Little Fun; Little Learning and taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it. Have a great time at the party.
Susan said…
Great party. I am living on the Gulf Coast. I love it here...but would rather be in the mountains...actually I'd like to have TWO homes, too!!

Hopefully I'll be able to stop by again. MY party's up...hope you'll come by.

:-) Susan
Amber said…
Pickled shrimp? Now that is a FIRST but sounds like some party. Thanks for visiting mine!!!
It is very nice to meet you Judy. Thanks for stepping out to introduce yourself. You know, we have a lot in common. You are a writer and I would like to be. You are a wife and mother and so am I. You live in the south ... ditto. You are not schizophrenic and neither am I. I know it seems that way with the strange goings on over at my place. Thanks for sticking with my site as I try to find myself. Have a great week, and enjoy the party.
UKZoe said…
Thanks for dropping by my party spot. I've got a lot of catching up to do on return visits. That's what happens when you leave the party for a day!
Katkat said…
Nice to neat you!
Jen and family said…
Hi Judy nice to meet you
visit me at
eph2810 said…
Very nice to meet you, Judy.

I really enjoyed the pickled shrimp you offered - never had them before. They were delish. :)

We could use someone to remove a tree stump, but I bet it would get too expensive to hire someone from across the US.

Thank you for sharing a little about you.

Have a wonderful week.
Teena said…
Party on :)
The Pear Lady said…
Hi Judy! I've finally made my way over to come party with you, and I'm so glad I did. What a lovely place you have, from the great writing to the appetizers and all, it's been a treat. I've already bookmarked it so I may return! Thanks for sharing. :)
Amy Parris said…
Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog. Doing this blog party really does make the world seem like a smaller place. Thompson, GA! Imagine that!

I'd love to talk sometime about publishing. I have a children's book I'd love to try getting published but I'm too chicken. I don't even know where to start.

Maybe we can chat sometime.
Lynne said…
Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a great site. Have a great week!
Andrea said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I picked this template when I first started blogging. It went with the name of my blog (Decipher the Fog). I love it!

Have a great week! :)
Taya said…
Just stopping by for the party! Nice to meet you!
Alexis Jacobs said…
Stopping by for a few minutes. I never can pass up a good party. Great blog!
Anonymous said…
Hi Judy! Thanks for stopping by my place and saying hello! You are a PUBLISHED writer! Wowzer! I'm impressed.
My family lives in Pensacola --- on the Gulf Coast too. I lived there, actually, for 10 years before moving to Ontario.
I'll be blogrolling you to see what you've been up to from time to time!
God bless.
Anonymous said…
Hi Judy! So nice to meet you!

Thank you for stopping by and visiting for a while - and THANK YOU for telling me how to make a sticky at the top of my I will have it for future reference!

Also, do they really pickle shrimp? =)

Enjoy the rest of the party!
momrn2 said…
Thanks for stopping by "My Quiet Corner" in your party hopping! I do hope you will return!

Thanks for such a lovely invitation to your place and such a great time when arriving!

Your pear preserves sound fabulous!! Yummmyyy!!!
Mom Tu-Tu said…
Thanks for visiting my blog party! I enjoyed your blog as well. Wish I could say I had a place in Georgia or Florida! :)
Renee said…
I got the book... will read it soon.

I just found in Good Housekeeping websites for book swapping. Two are free (well, you pay for shipping), so I'm going to look them up. The one sounds pretty good so far. looking at the other one now...
I would just love to taste those pears - too bad for me that I can't win from my own site! LOL

How wonderful it must be to live in Georgia. I would love to visit the Georgia coast one day.

And how wonderful to be pursuing your passion and talent for writing. Good for you!
Linda said…
Hola! I see you're an ex-brasileira :) and writer! nice! I liked the party, very nice! i am offering coxhinas at my place, you're welcome anytime!
Heart of Rachel said…
Hi Judy. Sounds like a wonderful party and judging by your visitors, it was a successful one.

Love the sound of your honey pear preserves. I've never had those before.

Take care and enjoy the rest of the week.
Tammy said…
Hey Gal...I'm here to partay!!
I enjoyed learning more about ya!!
Stump removal huh??
The house I lived in while in Ky had about two trees I would have loved to have had removed!!
Oh...and a house on the most favorite far I've only been to Destin...loved it!!!
Michelle said…
Thanks for stopping by my party and having us over to yours! WHat fun!
Hi Judy,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you're having fun at the party!
Tammy said…
I'm coming by after noticing your sweet note on my mom's blog, wishing her a happy 80th...thank you so much! :)
I enjoyed learning about you and your writing ambitions. So exciting that you are already published! I am a writer at heart too, but I haven't gone quite that far in pursuing my dream...yet. ;)

I have you bookmarked now...Blessings!
Brandie said…
Hello Judy! It's so nice to meet you =)
Good luck with your writing!
Yes you are right! I find that my responsibilites do intrude on my fun a lot.
Shalee said…
Oh to be in the South again... Someday God may bless me with that one again...

Glad to meet you via the party. So many have come to it and it's taking so long to just to say hi to all 900ish in attendance.

Thanks for the invite into your world.
Remiman said…
Knock, knock: Hi, I'm rel and i just stopped by to make your acquaintance. I saw you recently over at Sunday Scribblings. I'll be looking forward to reading your submission this coming Sunday. ;-)
We have have a place in Englewood.
Stop over and peek Under the Microscope if you get a chance and just say hey.