Happy Wednesday!

I rushed over to Bone's to discover the words for 3 Word Wednesday and discovered... nothing. Oh, well. I'll check back later, after we get back from fishing. Yep, we are still in Florida. The day we were to come back, we received word that our main piece of equipment was down and we had to call the factory to order a part. If we can't work, we might as well stay on vacation, right? Right! We haven't done a lot except relax and, believe me, relaxing is a good thing.

I read a very encouraging (to me, anyway) post this morning. Sandra Ruttan reminds us that our success or failure is, in large manner, dependant upon us and our attitude. I needed that reminder.

If you have time, go and visit Karen. She's having a book give-away and all you have to do is leave her a comment. She also reminded me that it's nearly Buy a Friend a Book Week". I'll blog more about that later, but just wanted to give y'all a heads-up.


Uisce said…
ok maybe I can fill in for Bone, then. how these words...


Heart of Rachel said…
I believe that happiness is really a matter of attitude. So it does follow that our success and failure can be linked to our attitude in life.
zhasha said…
good thing you find time to relax!

i need some time off too i guess.. have a great time!

By the by, Judy. You won yesterday's book giveaway!! If you'll email me (writefromkaren at take2max dot com) your book choice (the link is in my sidebar) and address, I'll get that right out to you.

(I emailed you, but figured you were too busy having fun in Florida! *grin*)

Thanks for the link!