My New "Office"

You may remember I mentioned restoring an old desk my grandfather had made. I neglected to make pictures of the desk before we started, but I did manaage to get a picture of the chair. Once all
the "antiquing" was stripped away, we discovered the desk was made of several different grains of wood so, instead of just varnishing it, we decided to paint it black. Here is my new "office." Enjoy the way it looks now... I have the feeling that it won't be long before it's as cluttered as our other workspace!!!

We are hoping to get a bookshelf built for the area just to the left of the desk. That will take my research/writing books off the desk and give me more room to .... hmmmm... work.

I was thinking earlier about blogging. Several (probably way too many) blogs I visit on a daily basis. There are still others I pop in on at least once a week. People get to be like old friends you want to catch up with. I wondered why I enjoy bloghopping so much and I came to this conclusion:

I'm a fairly social person. DH, on the other hand, is pretty much a loner, reclusive to an extent. Even though I'm social, I don't really like to go out on my own... I enjoy being with my husband. Blogging kinda fills the social aspect of my life. I get to visit with friends, share what's going on in my life, and be a part of "community" ... all without leaving the comfort of my home. How cool can that be? It's a win-win situation. I can enjoy my friends AND hang out with my husband... all at the same time.

How 'bout you? What about blogging appeals to you?


Margaret said…
Wow, a great job on the chair!!

I like to meet new people and hear about them. Especially finding those whom I have something in common with. I makes our world a bit smaller and brings us together.
Tori Lennox said…
I'm pretty sociable online. In real life, I'm more of a hermit. :)
Kari said…
Nice office desk!

I have an anxiety disorder and as a result it's oft time very hard for me to go out and be sociable. Online I don't have to worry so much about meeting new people so I can have friends and yet still be "safe".dtaglv
Allie Boniface said…
Yeah, isn't it funny how you tune in to some people's blogs each day just to see what they're up to??

I like the games and the memes and the YouTube videos too...
Teena said…
Great job on the chair!

I like blogging because I get to peek into the lives of such nice people :)
Moogie said… did fantastic!! I love the "new" furniture. I blog for much the same reason as you. I've met so many "eFriends" and learned so many different things. Working full time and raising a family doesn't leave alot of time for socializing. My husband is alot like yours and doesn't like to go out much.

Great post!
Heart of Rachel said…
Great job on the furniture restoration.

I like blog hopping too. I usually start blog hopping during the late evening when my son is already asleep. I enjoy it too much and often forget the time. I sometimes blog until the wee hours of the morning.

I think of blogging as a nice treat after a tiring day. It's also a nice way of preserving your memories.
rosemary said…
You said it perfectly...I can have the best of both worlds blogging. My husband works from home so blogging is my friend time.
Uisce said…
I like blogging because you can't see how badly my hat messed up my hair today.

Hey, looks like you're still on old blogger. Congrats, you're in the running in my last-blog-standing contest! :)
East of Oregon said…
interesting blog - gave you a shout out on mine.. take care and happy day! :)
zhasha said…
good job on the chair!
(clap! clap! clap!)
and you have a very nice workplace!

I just started blogging last december.. and i can now tell.. am just addicted to it! I'll be a regular reader of your blog pwamis!


_hope you can hop on my blog too..