Is It Saturday Yet?

We have been very busy this week. We began working on a job for the hospital Monday... hopefully we will get finished with it tomorrow. But, we have to go give another quote at lunch tomorrow, so it looks like we'll have more to do. We also have two more jobs scheduled. I'm ready for a vacation! lol

Just wanted to show you some of what we've been doing. This was the first load we took to the dump. We've emptied the truck twice since then and will have a triple ton of chips tomorrow after I grind the stumps (we figure there are probably about 40 stumps). Is it any wonder I'm tired?

I'm hoping to get some writing done this weekend. My writing group posts a prompt every Friday, so I'm planning on doing it this week (my group doesn't believe it, though... I've been terrible!) I have some short stories out, but not any in this I have to get on the stick. I've heard of one writer who makes it a point of keeping 20 stories out at any one time. As soon as he hears from one (either pro or con), he sends out another (or, that one to another market). The last I heard, he was doing well.

I'll be glad when the weather decides to settle down...I'm miserable with allergies: sinuses and cough. But, today I'm feeling better, so that's an improvement.


Teena said…
Wow! You've been busy!
Marianne Arkins said…
Wish you could cart that wood up here for my woodstove! If you're this busy in the winter, you're going to be crazy come the spring... hope you can find some time to write.

And, yeah, I'll believe it when I see your prompt response! Of course, that puts the pressure on my to post a good one.

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