Dictionary: Impossible (thanks to PBW)

I have stolen today’s post from Paperback Writer. If any of mine actually make it all the way, I’ll need to remember to acknowledge Lynn, for sure!
Let's play Dictionary: Impossible.

Writers, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take out your dictionary and flip through it, then stop on any page at random. Write down the first word you see. Repeat until you have a list of ten words.
1. Meat
2. Suckling
3. Flighty
4. Reamer
5. Gauntlet
6. Walk
7. Inland
8. Wage
9. Nuncio
10. span
Level 1: Create at least three novel titles using only the words on your list (a, an, the, and other simple words can be added for style.) You have five minutes to complete this level.
1. The Inland Nuncio
2. Gauntlet Walk
3. The Flighty Reamer

Level 2: Create a story premise for the titles you've created from your list. If you get caught on this level, PBW will disavow any knowledge of you.
1. “The Inland Nuncio” – Giovanni D’Alvere, special envoy for Pope Innocent XII, finds danger and intrigue as he travels inland on a secret mission to help rescue the pope’s nephew.
2. “Gauntlet Walk” – Florianna and her secret love, Rudolpho, find romance along the famous Gauntlet Walk, but not before facing numerous challenges to their desire to be together.
3. “The Flighty Reamer”-- The Reamers, an outcast race on the planet Rapicacious, finds themselves challenged when one of their own, R’dacik, turns his back on all they hold sacred.

Level 3: Write an opening line for the title/story premises you've created. Should you decide to continue on with the mission, you have exactly thirty minutes to complete this level.
1. A loud pounding on the door drug Giovanni back from the first good night’s sleep he’d had in weeks. Disentangling himself from the arms of his current mistress, Eileene, he stumbled to the door, silently cursing whoever it was who disturbed his sleep.
2. “Shhh. Do you want to wake up the whole neighborhood?” Florianna hissed out the window.
3. The fabric of the universe began to tear.
Level 4: Write the story to go with one of your opening lines, premises and titles. You may take as much time as you need, but remember that any idea may self-destruct in as little as ten seconds.

Level 5: Write the stories to go with all of them, and you win Dictionary: Impossible.


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