Yay, Sandra!

I'm a little late with this news, but check out what is happening in the life of the very famous Sandra Ruttan. Congratulations, Sandra! We're proud of you.

And... Happy Pie Day....

... even if it almost isn't anymore! I've been very busy today working on the edits for A God-given Husband. I almost took the day off blogging, but I needed a break!

When I opened up my homepage this morning, I discovered the excitement that is today. Pie Day... how cool is that? I'm not a big pie eater... or sweets of any kind for that matter (chocolates, by the way, do not count under that comment. Chocolates are the fifth major food group). But, I do like baking pies... and since my husband really likes eating them, that works well.

My favorite pie (when I eat pie) is actually a toss-up. I like a really good pecan pie (one that isn't TOO sweet) and chocolate cream pie. MMmmmmmm.

What about you? What is your pie of choice?


Rositta said…
LEmon, Lemon, Lemon, although I rarely make it, like your husband mine also prefers Pecan so that's what I usually make, that or Blueberry...nice pie, yum..:)
M. G. Tarquini said…
It's just too cool for words about Sandra. Just too cool.

I'm ignoring the pie.

I'm dieting.
Marianne Arkins said…
French Silk... IMHO, there's no point in consuming dessert calories unless it's chocolate.

BTW, thanks for the recipe!
Tori Lennox said…
Dang! I missed Pie Day! I am so bummed out now.

One of the puzzles on Wheel of Fortune yesterday was "coconut cream pie" and I remember thinking that sounded really good. :)
Kentucky Gal said…
that picture is my favorite in the fall...in the summer it is cherry pie!!
Sandra Ruttan said…
Thanks Judy!

Mmmmmm. Pie.
Teena said…
My fav is lemon meringue. I would KILL for a piece of lemon meringue pie!!!!
Heart of Rachel said…
I love homemade apple pie. When topped with a scoop of ice-cream, it becomes yummy apple pie ala mode.

Now I'm hungry. :)