Today is Tuesday? Oh Boy

Marianne has her cover up for
her new short story from The Wild
Rose Press
. The story itself isn't up yet... but I'll be sure and keep you
posted. I think I'm as excited for her as she is!

I've just signed up to be included with 2000 Bloggers. It's a fun project, so if you've not signed up.... come and join me. Tino still has some spots left, so
let's help him make his goal.

I found a new game, but I'm having trouble posting it. (Stop cheering, M!) I'll work on it some more later. :-)


Marianne Arkins said…
Okay, I signed up for 2000 Bloggers.

And... you know if you keep posting games, I'm NEVER going to get the final look at your story finished.

It will be on your head.

Just saying.