Title for "Abigail"

I have a working title for my Abigail story, but I don't like it for a full title. Right now, I'm calling it "A God-given Husband." Any thoughts of something better? I know it's hard 'cause nobody has read it yet :-)

But, I think I'm through editing it. I am going to try to see if I can get a friend to read it and tell me what she thinks... then I think it will be good to go. The synopsis is written and getting feedback, so hopefully I can query the publisher this time next week.

Keep your fingers crossed for me (never mind... cross your toes. It's awful hard to type with your fingers crossed!)


Marianne Arkins said…
I'll read it, too, if you'd like... and I'll try to get to your synopsis by tomorrow morning. I'm lousy at titles, but I'll contemplate. Guess "Abigail" just doesn't cut it, huh?

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Heart of Rachel said…
Good luck on your story. Hope everything turns out better than expected. Best of luck!