Post 199

On a whim, I counted the posts I'd made since starting this blog back in October 2005. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that this very post is one hundred ninety-nine. So... in honor of tomorrow's post being TWO HUNDRED, anyone who comments tomorrow (on the 200th post) will get the chance at a book from my library :-) How cool is that? Just leave a comment... that's all you need to do. The comments will be numbered and Bob will randomly choose a number. That's it. Easy enough? Oh.. and you will need to be willing to email me your snail mail address so I can get the book in the mail. To make sure you get a book you like, I will send the winner a list of books to choose from... sound like an idea? Pass the word on :-)


I found this at Sheryl's. She's on hiatus right now from blogging but is promoting the Third Annual Delurking Week. It's just a way to encourage lurkers on blogs to step forward and leave a comment... even if it's only to say "hi".

I've sent A God-given Husband to Marianne for critiquing (thanks, M!). It's always good to have a fresh pair of eyes, especially when you've been living with a story for so long. She has been able to see things I just didn't... even things I know better! I've also sent a hard-copy off to a reader friend. S. doesn't write, but she reads voraciously and so I'll get another view.

Since I've been writing with an eye for publication, I find that I'm a lot more critical of what I read than I was before. It's hard for me to "turn off" the editor part of my brain and just read solely for pleasure. I keep wanting to get a red pen and mark up the book!

It's good to have A God-given Husband at this stage though. I was going through some old papers I'd stuck back and came across several unfinished projects. Some of them will work out well into short stories (and I need to get started on a few more... one of my goals is to submit a short story once a month).

I also have Fiona's Dream I'm determined to complete. Lizzie's Song is going to have to wait. A short story I wrote several years ago ("The Sixth Day"... took first place in a writing contest) is begging to be extended. That's one reason I was going through those papers. SOMEWHERE I have all the notes I made when I was first started thinking about doing that. I was in touch with a friend in England at the time who really helped me see the bigger picture. Unfortunately, he has fallen off the face of the earth (I really hate that when online friends just disappear... sigh). Anyway, I digress, I can remember in general what we had talked about, but it would be great to have the details. I'm sure they will turn up. That's one reason I'm refinishing the desk... so I'll have some place to keep all my writing stuff. Right now, everything is scattered. I have piles next to my recliner, a plastic file holder stuffed with writing magazines and notes, a pile to the side of the computer desk and writing books in three rooms. The desk is almost finished though. A little more sanding, stripping the decorative work and a few coats of varnish and it will be good to go. Then we can work on getting my laptop and I can free up the desktop.

I need to go work on the edits for A God-given Husband so I can keep up with Marianne. I think she missed her calling! :-)

Have a great day.


Charity said…
Wow, you're busy! I read, but I know I should delurk more often. So. Here I am.
rosemary said…
Hello from Michele....will link your blog on my site...although I am an unknown....also rather computer challenged...but anything to help a writer. rosemary
Marianne Arkins said…
The funniest thing is that, while reading your story, I keep wanting to jump to the end to make sure everything turns out okay! Uh...well, duh, I already know how it ends :-)

Still, poor Abigail.
Susanna said…
Well now, that has gauranteed that I will come back tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by ;)
Margaret said…
God Giving Husband sounds like a great book. Let me know when that one is out, I'd love to read it.

Happy 200!
Allie Boniface said…
Ooh, so glad to hear you're so active with all your writing projects these days!
Anonymous said…
fyi-blogger counts your posts for you, it's on the page just before you sign in to do a new post, i think, anyways, have a look next time you're about to post something new, its on the right hand side of the name of your blog.