Late Breaking News

Ultimate Blog Party

Susan and Janice are having a party and I get to be one of the hosts. I'm so excited. I love a good party and to be able to participate in one AND not have to clean the house... what could be better than that. There are a lot of hosts and a lot of prizes available. To be eligible for prizes, you need to sign Mr. Linky on Susan and Janice's site by 12pm Eastern time on March 8 and have invited guests as well. Just post the Invitation Button on your blog.

During the week of the party, there will be special posts on this blog. Now.... just to figure out what I'll do... decorations, food .... ::::wanders away mumbling to self::::


Kentucky Gal said…
I have been missing you!!
Sounds like great fun!!
local girl said…
I signed up for that, too! I'm not one to miss a good party! LOL!

Thanks for joining in on the Valentine's Day Goody Swap!
so glad you are coming - just adding your prize listing now... :)