I don't know where I've been, but this is the first time I've heard of this. Karen shared about "Buy a Friend a Book Week." Here's the long explanation. I've decided this is something I want to participate in. Karen runs a contest (there's still time if you want to play... deadline is January 4...11 a.m. Eastern). This quarter I've just chosen a friend to receive

I spent all of yesterday reclaiming the downstairs living room. That's actually a bit of a misnomer... it was once a garage, so it's lower than the rest of the house by about three steps. I still have one bookcase to clean off and rearrange, but then it's done. My next goal is to clean Aaron's room (which was clean before he came home for Christmas!) You would think the Marines would have taught him neatness, wouldn't you???

Oh.. and while I was cleaning I had a brainstorm about Fiona's Dream. I've been playing around with two different ways to approach the story and have now come up with a third. I'm really excited about this new vision, though, and will begin working on it... just as soon as I tackle that last bookcase! And clean the kitchen. :-) Have a great day.


Dirk_Star said…
What contest?

I visited her site and never saw a contest post...
Merle said…
Hi Judy ~~ Thank you for your visit.
I think I have read that thing about a boy -- how amazed how much his Dad had learnt by time boy had grown. Good one and if you send it I will post it.
It is wonderful how our relationships with our adult chlldren improve with the years. Mine are aged 45 to 52 with
2 in between. The last 3 adopted.
Good luck with your new idea for your book. Do you note down each idea so it can be used elsewhere
Best of luck with it Judy.
Love, Merle.
Teena said…
I agree ... potatoes rock :)
Kentucky Gal said…
seems like we are all in cleaning mode in Blogland!!
I'd rather be reading myself...hehe!!