Fridays Feast 121

I'm sorry this is so late. My server has been down ALL DAY!! Grrrrrrr.....

Which language would you like to learn and why? I took Spanish in high school and French in college (my French teacher said I did fine on vocabulary and written stuff, but I couldn't stop speaking French with a Spanish accent!) and I learned a little Portuguese when I lived in Brazil. I would like to brush up on my Spanish, though, because I think it's the most useful foreign language to know. Alternatively, sometimes I'd like to speak animal... because it would be really interesting to see what animals are thinking when they look at us humans.

What's the funniest thing you've heard or read so far this week? I don't know... I read so many blogs where the authors have such a great sense of humor, that I often find myself laughing out loud and calling DH to come and listen to "_____" this time. There are some funny, funny people out there.

Which movie was so bad you couldn't watch the whole thing? I don't go out to the movies much, but with cable I'm forever turning on movies and flipping the channel cause I just can't watch them. There are a lot of bad movies out there... and not bad in a good way like Plan Nine from Outer Space or The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

Main Course
If there were a holiday in your honor that didn't use your actual name, what would the day be called? I think there already is one... it's called National Procrastinator's Day. Okay... you wanted a new one, huh? What about "I WILL finish writing Fiona's Dream" day?

Name one movie which is coming out soon that you would like to see. See the Salad Answer. We just don't go out to the movies. There WAS a preview on the other day that sounded interesting, but not interesting enough for me to remember, obviously. How sad is that?

Come and join the calorie-free dining at Friday's Feast.


Anonymous said…
Sometimes I think it would be really cool to be able to communicate with animals, and then sometimes I'm a little afraid to know what they actually think of me :P
_ said…
Nice feast. The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes brings back memories. LOL
Unknown said…
Very honest feastthis week. Thanks so much!!!!
Heart of Rachel said…
Hi! I joined FF for the 1st time this week.

I love the sound of French. It seems so sophisticated and romantic. I love animals so it would be a nice idea to have a chance to communicate with them.

Take care,