A Couple of Quizzes (okay, I'm cheating)

I've been frantically wrapping presents ALL DAY... I'm all done except for one more for my mom and then food shopping for the weekend. Oh, and I have to put all the boxes the Christmas decorations were in back in the storage room. And I have to dust (we sanded drywall earlier in the week). And I have to do laundry. Other than that, I'm all done! And, since I'm too wiped out to do anything coherent....I stole the following from Jessica. Thanks, Jess!!

Bob always said I was hot :-)

Your Elf Name Is...

Holly Hot Chocolate

Hmmmm... well, I do like giving presents!

You Are a Bow

You don't think of it as the holiday season - you think of it as the present season!


Allie Boniface said…
I don't care that you're cheating...actually, I love the quizzes. Too cute!

Oh, and thanks for reminding me about the whole wrapping part of the holidays. I got so caught up in the shopping that I forgot I still have to do that part!
Anonymous said…
Neat answers to the quizzes! LOL

We are onto the sheetrock and drywall at our house that we are building...shew...what a task it shall be huh? LOL

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!