Blog Fodder 3

Today's post comes courtesy of Blog Fodder- Fighing writer's block, one day at a time. I really like the subtitle!

I'm excited about this week's question... cause it's mine!

Do you have any memories of a childhood illness?

Boy, do I ever! Two as a matter of fact. And, they are both Christmas memories as well... that's very sad, isn't it?

When I was in the third grade, I went to school... all excited about our Christmas party. It was going to be right after lunch. However, about halfway through the morning, Mrs. Conger looked closely at me... then took me back to the bathroom (we had two bathrooms in the rear of our classroom... one for the boys and the other for the girls.) She lifted my dress (yes, I'm from the era when girls had to wear dresses to school), looked at my tummy and made the horrible announcement, "Judy, I'm taking you to the office. You have the measles and you have to go home." I cried and cried... after all, the party was in a couple of hours. To no avail... sigh. Then, several years later, I found out that once the measles "come out"... you are no longer contagious! Botheration!

The second Christmas/childhood illness was the mumps... all I remember about that is lying on the sofa bed in our living room while everyone else got to decorate the tree. I was not a happy camper that Christmas either.

How about you? What childhood illnesses do you remember?


Chrissie said…
Hi again!
I have never had either Measles or Mumps - thank goodness. Sorry you missed the party, how tramatic. Same thing happened to me with a planned pool party, tramatic too.
My #3 is posted.
See you on #4.
Marianne Arkins said…
Last year while tree decorating was going on around me, I sat on the couch taking pictures because I felt a little nauseaus and dizzy... then, in the middle of the night, I got up to go potty (TMI?) and fell because I had no equilibrium, crawled to the bathroom and vomited.

I had an ear infection... worse than anything, I swear. I've had two, but this one was the worst. I couldn't walk without help for a week and even by Christmas, I was still a little dizzy.

Ugh. Thanks for reminding me...

cuewobw - Can't understand elephants when otters bow-wow (after all, don't otters look like puppies that swim?)
Jenny Ryan said…
Oh man, that really sucks! Great question for us, though.

Hey, I'm in Georgia too:)
Tammy said…
I thought of one but it was really too much info for even blog!!
I'm from the era where gals had to wear dresses to school...I remember the started letting us wear pants under the dress then shorts under them in summer...finally they just gave it up and let us gals wear pants...boy was I relieved!! I hated dresses and still do...would chuck them out of a tree like Idgie Threadgood on Fried Green Tomatoes if I could!!
Jenny Ryan said…
Hey, Judy!

I'm a little north of you, up in Gwinnett County (Duluth-home of the runaway bride :)

Thanks for stopping by.
Margaret said…
Awww. Let's hope this Christmas you are healthy and well!

I can't remember being sick for Christmas but I was deathly ill with a bad flu for Easter a few years back.
Teena said…
Poor you :(

Mine's up.
Ballpoint Wren said…
I didn't even feel sick, but I remember my mom looking at me kind of funny and telling me I had to stay home from first grade because I had chicken pox.

Later, it itched a lot but I didn't care, because I got to eat dinner on a TV tray in front of the TV--that was the best part!
craziequeen said…
I never had mumps....I had German Measles though (or were they common measles?)

Mine is finally up [phew]