Blogging Chicks

Good morning, all. I just wanted to let everyone know that I've joined "Blogging Chicks." (Just what she needs, Marianne is thinking. Something else to make her not write.) I think she's going to send the literary hit man after me! But... but... it's not my fault. Blame Wordnerd. Yep, it's all her fault. I'd never even heard of "Blogging Chicks" til I read it on her site.
Check them out... you'll be glad you did (or rue the day you read this here, one or the other.)

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Marianne Arkins said…
So, what exactly is a blogging chick? And, did you get my email? And, yes, you don't need anything else to keep you from Fiona and Lizzie cuz you haven't posted a darn thing in forever so get a move on before I drive a billion miles down to the deep south and give you a whuppin'.


lfqugt - Lizzie's forgotten, quit using google (&) technorati
michele said…
Thanks for the plug and welcome to the group.