Happy Monday Morning

I was reading Marianne's blog this morning about character driven stories. That's one thing I've been working on in the stories in progress now. I was working through Maass' Writing the Breakout Novel and that's something he stresses as well. And, it's something I know I need to work more on.

Lizzie and Fiona (my two main characters) both seem to me to be basically one-dimensional characters. And, I would be bored to tears with them if I were to pick them up and read about them. So... why do I want to continue with them? Because I believe in the stories and I KNOW they can be good stories. But, I'm still in the process of learning and utilizing the things I need to do. So... stay tuned and join me on the journey. And, any help you can offer or words of advice are very much welcomed and hoped for.

Also, what one "writing" book would you recommend and why?

Have a great day.


susie said…
I have no writing advice. I don't think I have what it takes for fiction. :(

But don't you dare give up! If you love it, you go girl!!!

Feel free to drop by for a slice. Michele sent me. :)
carli said…
I think I have the opposite problem: There are dozens of fleshed out people in my brain living fascinating (to me) lives, but I don't have the discipline or the organization to put them down on paper in any sort of linear storyline. Let us know if you find any great resources.
tommy said…
Thanks for dropping by via Michele.

I'm the wrong person to comment on character driving stories, I find them to be rather trying. Characters, like people, are defined by what their actions, everything else is crepe paper costumes.
tommy said…
A person really should proof read a comment before hitting the publish button, it keeps said person from appearing illiterate.

Notice it does nothing about the actual illiteracy.