Green Sister 32

Janna pretended she didn't see the looks Mark and Lee were giving her and, thankfully, they went back to discussing what they knew of Nancy the Black and her activities from before. She was relieved they didn't question her any further. As tired and distracted as she was, she didn't know she would be able to carry off the pretense of being simply a romance writer who had accidentally stumbled into something. She leaned her head against the back of the seat and closed her eyes, remembering the last time she had come up against Nancy.

With a cackling laugh, the tall, pale woman, her black hair streaming down her back, pointed her finger at the Green Sister. A sudden blast of artic air shot past her, nearly freezing Clarence.

"That's it," GS said, her anger reaching a boiling point at the danger to her small friend. "You've created enough havoc around here."

"And you think YOU are going to stop me? You and your little friend? Ha!"

Nancy the Black shot her icy finger towards GS again, but she was able to avoid it with a flip that put her directly behind Nancy. The Green Sister reached out, grabbed the back of Nancy's black form-fitting top and twirled her around. With a satisfying crunch, the Green Sister's fist connected with Nancy's jaw and Nancy sprawled on the floor.

GS let out a low moan as she cradled her bruised fist in her other hand. She didn't like using violence, but where Nancy the Black was concerned, it was worth it.

What happened after the police dragged Nancy off, Janna asked herself. Surely they had put her in a secure facility.

The car jolted to a halt, sending Janna sprawling into Mark's arms.


Marianne Arkins said…
Yay! Green Sister is back. And, even better, she's in Mark's arms.

Welcome back.