Silence of the Lambs?

I first heard the following news when reading Her Snarkiness. "Absolute Write" is 'off the air' (temporarily we hope.) Read about it here. Barbara Bauer is allegedly behind the disruption. Check out her site for yourself. Read the posts and make up your own mind. Jim Hines and Dawno have some other ideas as to what to do in this case.


kira said…
Kudos for posting this - you've been added to the linking list for all the googlebombs!
Marianne Arkins said…
Posted this, too... and added a link to the 20 Worst Literary Agents on the sidebar of my blog.

Have a great vacation!
Marianne Arkins said…
Judy, oh, Judy!

More Green Sister, please. Also, we're up and running in F123.... come out and play!