Green Sister 31

Mark and Lee were leaning against the car talking when Janna walked up

"Are you okay?" Mark asked, concern in his voice, as Janna reached them.

"I'm better," she said, forcing weakness into her voice. "It must have been something I ate."

She noticed Lee looking at her with a speculative gleam in his eye and tried to avoid his direct gaze. He always was the suspicious type, which was why he was so good at what he did. That didn't make it easy for a girl to keep a secret around him, though.

"Let's go on, then," Lee said, after an uneasy silence. As they got in the car, he continued, "Reports started coming in about strange things happening here... buildings suddenly curving, mostly. There had been rumors in the Agency for years about someone trying to harness the power of pi. Then, we received a cryptic message from someone calling herself 'Nancy the Black'."

Mark frowned. "I've heard of her. There've been articles in the past about her in our newspaper." He turned to Janna. "Don't you remember? There was a whole series of pieces about her a couple of years ago. I thought the Green Sister had taken care of her back then."

"I thought so too," Janna said. She tried hard to keep a wry tone out of her voice, but from the looks her cousin and Mark shot her, she was pretty sure she'd not succeeded. She mentally crossed her fingers, hoping they would let it pass and not pursue this any further.