Green Sister 30

The Green Sister listened intently to the silence around her. In the background she could hear the muffled sound of Lee and Mark talking. She focuses and they faded even more into the background, leaving her senses open to the bond that she and Nancy shared. After only a few seconds, her body began to tingle on the right side. With determination, GS turned that way and began a loping run. Hopefully she wouldn't need to go very far, but she knew from experience not to burn herself out with a sprint.

As she traveled, the tingling grew stronger, until her face felt as if it were on fire. In the distance, she could see a large building and a small figure standing beside it, manipulating some kind of hand-held device. She drew nearer and, before she could get a look at the face of her adversary, the other woman cocked her head as if she heard GS coming, then shimmered out of sight.

GS stopped her run, swearing under her breath. To be that close and to miss her. That disappearing trick, that was new. It was going to be hard to overcome that, given that Nancy could sense her as readily as she could sense Nancy, but she would have to come up with something.

She made her way back to the administration building, turned back into Janna and walked back to the car, her thoughts whirled with what she had seen, ideas of how to get to the machine that Nancy developed and plans on how to rescue Ann from Nancy's clutches.