Green Sister 29

Somehow she had to find a way to get away from the two men. Only then could she change in the Green Sister and look for Nancy the Black. Somehow she must have involved Ann in her scheme to harness the power of pi.

The three sat in silence as the car moved through the empty streets. As they turned into the driveway of the university, Janna let out a loud moan and grabbed her stomach, doubling over.

With looks of concern, both Mark and Lee turned towards her.

"What's wrong?" Lee asked, as, at the same time, Mark said, "Janna, are you okay?"

"I...I don't know," Janna said. "All of a sudden I have a terrible cramping. I think we need to find a bathroom... quickly."

Lee tapped on the driver's shoulder, directing him to pull over. Janna got out of the car and, yelling over her shoulder that she'd be right back, started running toward the nearest building, still clutching her middle. Once she was out of sight of the car she looked around and, not seeing anyone, turned the ring she wore on her middle finger three times to the right, then five times to the left. With a puff of smoke, Janna Thomaston became the Green Sister, resplendent in her form fitting black catsuit and chain cape. She briefly mourned the fact her magnetic bike wasn't with her, but that was life. Hopefully, she would be able to pick up Nancy the Black's aura, be able to avoid both her freezing finger and whatever she'd devoloped to turn everything circular and rescue Ann from whatever hold Nancy had on her and make it back to the car before Mark and Lee got too impatient.


Marianne Arkins said…
Well, it's about time!

You have just the right amount of over the top stuff in this to be like the superhero books of old. I'm loving it.

And, are you sure Nancy's harnessed the power of pi and not pie if she's making everything round?

sgkbe - should george keep being evil?