Green Sister 21

Janna silently thanked God she had already thought out her cover story as she told Mark her supposed reason for going to see Ann. Although he raised an eyebrow as she said she wanted some background information for a story, he didn't press her further.

The dashboard clock was just showing four o'clock as they pulled into Falstaff and onto the University campus. As Janna had hoped, the different departments were clearly marked on white signposts and within minutes she pulled the car into a visitor's parking place in front of the Slocum Mathematics Center. Finding Ann's name and office number on the glass-enclosed case in the lobby, Janna and Mark headed to the elevator.

The third floor was tiled and their steps echoed in the silence.

Janna whispered to Mark, "Wouldn't you think there would be people around, even at this time of day? It's not that late."

"Maybe they are having spring break or something," he replied, in an equally quiet voice. "Come to think of it, I didn't see anyone outside in the Common either."

Janna's heart started pounding as they reached Ann's office door. Something was not right.