Green Sister 15

Janna sighed as she glanced over at her manuscript. If she didn't finish these edits by this weekend, her editor was going to have her head. She just couldn't concentrate on this right now. Things were swirling through her mind. She needed to be able to find Ann Vivene and see if she can come up with any ideas. It wasn't going to be easy, given their history in school, but possibly she could find a way.

First, she needed to start with Dr. Defoe in Falstaff. The way Mark had said it, surely the doctor would be well-known in mathematical circles. History and literature had been her strong points, though. She was lucky she had managed to get through the math classes she had to take to be able to graduate.
Her fingers flew over the keyboard as she punched in the keywords: falstaff dr. defoe. BINGO! Pages of information... boy, he had been prolific. Her heart sunk as she scanned one item on the page. An obituary.

After noting the date of the obit, Janna pulled up the website for the Falstaff Observer. A quick search revealed an article about the doctor and his work. She had been pretty sure there would be something about him. At the bottom of the article, after descriptions of various awards and publications, was the notice "Dr. Falstaff's work will be continued at the present time by his able assistant, Ann Vivene."

Her next step was to get to Falstaff. "Sunshine" definitely wouldn't make the trip. The poor thing will barely make it around town sometimes. With one last look at her own manuscript, she grabbed the mysterious one off the table and headed off to Acme Car Rental to pick up something that would make the trip. Hopefully she would be back before the weekend and could finish her edits then. Or, she could throw herself on her editor's mercy once again.