Green Sister 6

The Green Sister sat at her computer desk, her fingers flying across the keyboard. She Googled Ann Vivene and was amazed at the number of links that came up on her screen. She sighed. All of the links had to do with papers Ann had published. Surely there was some way she could find Ann's address or telephone number. She rested her chin on her hands. Ann's best friend in school was Mark LaRue. He was still in town. Surely he would know how to get in touch with Ann.

Grabbing the telephone directory, she flipped to the L's. There he was... and he lived just a few blocks away. Hmmm, it would be better to approach him as Janna Thomason. She didn't want him to associate his old classmate with The Green Sister.

"Clarence," she mused aloud to her hedgehog, "I need an excuse to contact Mark. Can you come up with any ideas?"

Clarence just looked up at her, cuddled down on his pillow and started to purr.

"A fat lot of good you are," grumbled Janna. "I guess I'll just have to come up with something on my own."