The Continuing Adventures of The Green Sister

The Green Sister hopped on her magnetic bike, kicked it off its stand, and went roaring out of the garage, remembering to raise the garage door at the last moment. Ducking her head to avoid the edge of it, she felt the rubber seal brushing the top of her hair. She clicked the door shut with the button mounted on her handlebars and careened down the street toward Detective Novak's office. He was her contact to let her know when Nancy the Black was causing havok in the city. Intrigued with the Green Sister, he also knew her as Janna Thomaston, romance writer, but thought of romance as "those sappy books for bored housewives."

The Green Sister sighed as she thought of the tall, muscular detective. If only he could see past the disguise to who she really was. But, it was not to be and she consoled herself with the fact that at least they got to spend some time together.

She swerved across traffic into the police parking lot, hearing tires squealing and screeching behind her. There was an empty parking space in front of the door, so she wheeled in and hopped off the bike, leaning it against the sign that said "Parking for Chief of Police Only."

She threw her cape back over her shoulders, adjusted her mask and took her compact out of her utility belt. Studying her face, she gave a quick nod of approval to her reflection. She was ready to find out what nefarious activity Nancy the Black had been up to this time.