Something to Read

I finished Kay Hooper's After Caroline this morning and went scurrying to her website. I found a good article for writers. It didn't really tell me anything new, but it did reinforce what I already knew in my heart. Writing is not for wimps... not if you want to be a successful writer. And, I do.

Agatha Christie said something in her autobiography that I need to print up and post all over my house and, especially, by my computer. A real writer writes even when she doesn't feel like it, when she doesn't even particularly like what she is writing. She was working on a book under contract at the time and just did not like the book, didn't like the characters, and didn't want to be doing what she was doing any more. BUT, she was a professional writer, so she wrote anyway. That's the mindset I need to get to.

I was amazed at how prolific Kay Hooper is. I've read several of her books here and there, but since she had her first book published in 1981, she has had 76 books published (that's not counting the ones that have been reissued). I'm having trouble writing one book in a year and she's had published 3.04 a year....and I'm sure she didn't do that by sitting around sighing, "oh, I just don't FEEL like writing today" or "I don't have time to write." I think I want to be Kay Hooper when I grow up! :-)


Marianne Arkins said…
I know what you mean... I so know what you mean. I was on a roll during NaNo and I think that had something to do with having a solid, tangible goal to reach for. Now, I'm drifting along and getting very little done which is frustrating the snot out of me. Which is stupid because it's my own fault!

I went on a Kay Hooper binge a couple months ago. I picked up Chill of Fear at the library, realized it was the latest in a series and ran around getting all the other books that came first because I only got to keep the book for two weeks and I had seven other books to read (from The Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Series) before then! I did it, because I couldn't put any of them down.

Then I went after all of her other books, including After Caroline, though I felt honor bound to read Haunting Rachel and Finding Laura first.

Dear Kay kept me really busy for a while...

Hey -- check out Iris Johansen's new book On The Run. I got it two days ago and could not put it down. That doesn't happen too often for me.

And now that is enough procrastinating for me. Time to get writing!