A New Start (again)

I've started anew, again! A friend of mine,
Marianne Arkins pointed me in a positive direction re: balancing what I need to do in my life. So, I'm giving it a try.

She told me she'd learned from Flylady that you can do anything for 15 minutes. I have a lot of obligations-- to my family, to my critique group, to EPress, to my writing, to myself-- and have been wondering how to juggle everything. So... I'm going to give it a try. The first thing I'm going to tackle is my refrigerator...it's been crying out for attention since before Christmas and (can we say it all together?) "I just haven't had the time!" So.... I'm giving myself 15 minutes working on my blog and a story I'm trying to develop for Woman's World (thanks for the heads up on what kind of stories they are looking for, M!!)... and then I'll spend 15 minutes doing however much I can get done in the fridge. I'll post my results later --I need to find 15 minutes to work on another First Reader Report for EPress before I do that, though. And... I need to work on my website. I still haven't linked this blog to that. Anyway... I refuse to let myself get too far ahead of myself. That's what gets me in to trouble in the first place!!!!


Marianne Arkins said…
You go girl!! Conquer your world 15 minutes at a time... and keep posting here, it keeps you honest. BTW, you should post the link to your blog in Timeless Tales.